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The whole printing process adopts digital and network technology, which will make up for the shortcomings of traditional printing process complexity and long production cycle, with high quality, small batch, fast change, low price and short production cycle

 Advance Printing

Domino N610i

The Domino N610i delivers the productivity of flexographic efficiency with the flexibility of digital printing at fast job changeovers. the N610i has a range of outstanding features including an industry standard 333mm (13") print width, 7 colour printing including high coverage white, physical resolution of 600dpi and print speeds of up to 75m/min (246ft/min). . At a print speed of 50 m/min (165 ft/min), the Domino N610i can produce up to 3000 m (9900 ft) per hour. Our label presses use brilliant UV-curable UV inks and are the only UV digital inkjet systems capable of printing shrink-set labels.


Featuring Cheetah 0.2 technology, a 330mm width and a monthly capacity of over 50,000m2 in a single shift operation, the Sai CX300 digital press is equipped with five colour groups, including CMYK and single channel opaque white, as well as support for gamut extension, customisation and security colours, bringing versatility, high productivity and quality solutions to the label market.

 Advance Printing
 Advance Printing

HP Indigo 6900 Digital presses

Print any label in an easy, efficient and profitable way. Indigo is feature rich, with up to 40 m/min (130 ft/min) in full colour mode; support for seven colours; and support for substrate thicknesses from 12-450 microns (0.5-18 pt.) to print any content, opening up new market opportunities. Efficient - increase efficiency and automation, regardless of job type and print length. Stand out with Indigo's renowned print quality

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